Domino Revisited

I’ve been writing a fair bit of Domino code over the past number of weeks in an effort to complete <>. It’s been a nice break from Java from a speeding driver’s perspective. The rate at which you can complete a top to bottom story with on this platform really is remarkable. What I’m really starting to enjoy, if only from an OO developers seat, is writing my own business classes. This has always been available, just a little cumbersome. My good friend Lindsay likened it to trying to write business classes inside a pre .net application with Microsoft tooling/runtimes. “You could do it but why bother” was his feeling on the issue.

Between a personal project and this project at work, I’m starting to see why you should take the time. Using Domino as nothing but the database — building screens that call WQO and WQS agents as fired — gives you far more control of what you’re displaying to the user. This allows a Domino application to store and interact with it’s data in a far more relational way. It makes the day of the Domino parent/child view a true thing of the past.


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